Traveler’s Bio

I am Alexandra, a Barcelona native with a passion for travel and experiencing new adventures and not afraid to go solo.

My interest in Japan started at a very young age as I religiously followed my favorite Anime series on television for years. Those shows exposed me to a very different culture than my own and when I reached High School, my love for this country had matured into an appreciation and curiosity for everything Japanese.

The first time I visited Japan, I was an 18-year-old recent high school graduate about to make the intimidating move to a university overseas. Deciding to go to Japan all by myself before attending the University of Maryland was both terrifying and exciting. That was when I fell in love with Kyoto.

I was lucky enough to visit Japan again during the summer of 2015. My blog focuses on this life-changing journey where I spend 10 days in Kyoto and 10 days in Tokyo, using these cities as home bases to explore the area around them.

This is me in the Kyoto's Gion | Photo by a kind stranger
This is me in the Kyoto’s Gion. | Photo by a kind stranger